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Duerden Brothers are growers and suppliers of watercress and bean sprouts. We are a third generation, family run business located in the north-west of England in Great Eccleston, Lancashire. With the capacity to grow watercress across three acres of the site and to produce eighty tons of bean sprouts per week, we are able to supply our customers for fifty-two weeks of the year. Growing and packing our produce on one purpose built site means that on the day your order is placed your produce can be harvested, washed, dried, packaged and ready for delivery within four hours.
Truck outside Duerden Brothers depot Eccleston, Prest, Lancashire
Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles deliver all over the United Kingdom.
Heading "State of the Art" Images of packing machinery, harvesting and loading products on to a truck.
Investment in modern machinery imported from Tokyo enables us to provide a fast, hygienic service. From harvest to loading ready for delivery takes only four hours.
Heading "Our Produce" cress and bean sprouts Heading"We grow watercress and bean sprouts"
We can provide a variety of produce such as pea shoots, micro cress, salad cress, little gem lettuce and beetroot.
Heading "Family Firm" Duerden family photo
The Duerden brothers family portrait taken in 1965 at Brierfield, Nelson, Lancashire. Edwin Duerden (front left) the son of the founder of the business, John Duerden, is with his sons and nephews.
Heading "time Line"
  • 1900: John Duerden starts supplying fruit and vegetables to shops in Brierfield, Nelson. He uses a horse and cart to deliver his goods in wooden crates.

  • 1945: After WW2, Duerden Brothers open the site in Great Eccleston and they become well known in and around Blackpool for growing tomatoes. By now the business has become mainly wholesale, supplying cucumber and lettuce as well as tomatoes.

  • 1986: The site in Brierfield closes due to poor weather conditions and the family business discontinued the wholesale salad to concentrate on growing and supplying cress.

  • 1990: James Duerden starts marketing bean sprouts and produces around 3 tons per week.

  • 2004: With the demand for cress in decline, watercress becomes the main product along with bean sprouts.

  • 2008: The Duerden brothers visit Tokyo and, based on knowledge obtained during their stay, invest in state of the art machinery to wash and pack their products.

  • Present: Now Duerden Brothers are supplying bean sprouts and watercress reliably all year round.
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01995 670356 or 01995 670144
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Duerden Brothers Ltd, Garstang Road, Great Eccleston, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 0ZQ